VSIS-IAT is an artificial intelligence traffic solution, being the most modern non-intrusive system in existence allowing the detection, counting, and classification of vehicles, and pedestrians.

Beyond Vehicle detection for traffic signal control the system is capable of generating traffic data statistics for counts, classification, as well as pedestrian activity. It is undeniably best solution for detection, tracking, and traffic data collection by employing 3D tracking and artificial intelligence to efficiently improve urban mobility.

VSIS-IAT comes in two versions:

VSIS 360º:

Employing a high definition specially lensed camera and equipped with artificial intelligence the system performs image analysis to generate traffic information on vehicle and pedestrian activity, and allows intelligent control of traffic signals.

Rectilinear cameras can be added to system based on site analysis for advanced vehicle detection. These cameras, using visible light, are suitable for use in conjunction with adaptive traffic systems or situations with many complex visual obstacles.

For installations with demanding climatic/visual conditions infrared (thermal range) cameras can be used, which have high precision under all circumstances.

VSIS 720º:

Combines two cameras with the same artificial intelligence as VSIS 360° and is recommended for double or close intersections, or in places with complex visual obstructions.

The options for this camera model are the same and can use visible light or infrared cameras.


• Single camera, fully actuated traffic signal control;

• Traffic Data Collection: counts, turning movement, classification and speed;

• Traffic control and pedestrian monitoring simultaneously;

• Bicycle and Pedestrian lane management;

• Parking Management.


• Easy Installation (One camera only with a single POE cable);

• Low cost maintenance;

• Reports generator for organizing/visualizing collected data;

• 3D Modeling and tracking of all vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians utilizing sophisticated algorithms.

Complete 360° vision through a single camera and additionally, simultaneously in the same system, rectilinear cameras or thermal cameras (Infrared range with no illumination required). File Technique
ISO 9001

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