The VSIS-LAP is an artificial intelligence system specialized in the recognition of license plate characters, either through live video or by capturing a single image of the vehicle.

Through the image of the vehicle, the system instantly recognizes the license plate and checks a database loaded into the device itself or on a remote processing center, to see if the vehicle has any administrative, security, or liabilities for nonpayment of taxes.

The entire inspection process is performed fully automatically and intelligently, with the infracting vehicle information of with being sent immediately to the Client’s Processing Center and, if desired, to a station near the Surveillance equipment to allow enforcement officials to allocate resources to take action, if necessary, on the infracting vehicle.

The inspection process is performed in a non-intrusive (no cutting of the road surface or closing of lanes), while allowing the images of all vehicles to be captured, regardless of whether or not they have legible plates, ensuring that even vehicles that have purposely removed or covered their plates to be inspected. In these cases the system sends the image of the vehicle to the Processing Center and the Enforcement Station to be stopped and examined by officers responsible for the operation.

Besides the surveillance applications in the public sector, VSIS-LAP has the flexibility to be used in applications in the private sector as well, access control for example.


• Specially designed high quality Camera optimized for transit operations;

• Infrared (Anti-glare) Illuminator;

• Non-intrusive, Does not require road surface cutting/alteration;

• Increased installation flexibility (Gantries, Toll plazas, Roadside, inputs and outputs, among others);

• Allows simultaneous recognition of license plates on multilane roads;

• Online operation with connectivity between the equipment and the Processing Center and / or Police Station;

• Vehicle plate recognition in fractions of a second;

• Weather hardened and ESD tested;

• 24 hours a day uninterrupted operation, 365 days a year.


• Allows online inspection of registered vehicle plates (theft verification for example);

• Allows monitoring for vehicles that have purposely removed or obstructed their plates (main suspects irregularities);

• Enforces vehicles at any speed (even above 150 km (90 miles) / h);

• Allows front and rear plate reading simultaneously, enabling monitoring of tractor trailers and bikes with the same system;

• Possesses multiple interfaces to integrate with any system.

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