Fixed speed surveillance system with display is the most effective electronic speed reduction system for use at critical locations such as pedestrian crossing, close to schools, health centers, shopping centers, among others. The system aims to reduce vehicle speeds at specific points ensuring greater safety for drivers and pedestrians.

The equipment displays for the motorist his speed and records and image of said motorist’s vehicle if the speed is above the legal limit, allowing the identification of the make, model, plate, place, date and time of violation, and may additionally generate a video recording in order to evaluate all the circumstances that led to the breach of traffic regulation, making the record of infraction even more indisputable.

Besides the aspects relating to ease of use, the systems are visible at a great distance providing a dramatic reduction in over-speed vehicles along the roadway.


• Violation registration made by high quality cameras specially designed for traffic operations, creating an undisputable record of the infraction;

• Low light/night operations performed with the use of anti-glare (Infra-red) Illuminators;

• Robust and durable; weather protection and ESD hardened;

• Complies with all INMETRO regulations, DMV and other transit agencies;

• Great flexibility of installation; Gantry, Half-Gantry, roadside or on islands (central dual highways);

• Online operation via Processing Center;

• Count and classification of vehicles;

• Encrypted Storage of all images;


• Tickets and displays the speed of vehicles at any speed, even above 200 (120 miles) km / h;

• Allows front and rear plate reading simultaneously, enabling monitoring of tractor trailers and bikes with the same system;

• Possesses multiple interfaces to integrate with any system;

• Can be configured to generate a video recording of the violation;

• Allows simultaneous recognition of license plate of the vehicle and documentation of the infraction;

• Online registration allows plates of a vehicle to be intercepted quickly (in the event of theft, for example);

• Non-intrusive, Does not require road surface cutting/alteration; (Employs Laser Technology).

Optional • Automatic license plate recognition. Data Sheet
ISO 9001

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