The Portable Automatic Speed Enforcement Device - VSIS-RE is typically used on highways and urban roads, and has proved very effective in accident reduction.

All vehicles that pass the system are monitored, whether they have an outstanding offense or not, thus allowing statistical analysis and processing that that aid traffic management/planning.

The VSIS-RE can be provided in one of three models:


Small, lightweight and can be quickly setup or stowed for specific operations in desired locations, allowing great flexibility for the inspection process;


Can be installed on a vehicle and be operated inside or outside the vehicle, allowing safe operations while fully enclosed within the vehicle;


Totem in structure equipment, a VELSIS innovative concept for traffic monitoring with portable equipment.

Allows installation and stowing to perform location specific operations, they system is robust and does not require operator presence during surveillance operations, reducing costs and increasing security.


• Employs high quality imaging system specially designed for transit operations, providing an undisputable verification of the infraction;

• Employs anti-glare (infra-red) illuminator for low light operations;

• Weather hardened and ESD tested;

• Complies with all INMETRO regulations, DMV and other transit agencies;

• Can simultaneously enforce up to four lanes of traffic;

• Online operation via Processing Center;

• Quick and easy operation, can be setup by a single technician.


• Enforces vehicle at any speed, even above 200 (120 Miles) km/h;

• Includes interfaces for integration with any system;

• Can be configured to generate a video recording of the violation;

• Plate Recognition performed simultaneously with documentation of infraction;

• Instant online registration allows license plate to be analyzed for outstanding offenses during Checkpoint operations (theft, for example);

• Captures motorcycles traveling between lanes (high accident rate);

• Monitors one way or two way vias and both directions simultaneously;

• Operates over a wide detection range from short to long distances;

• Employs two cameras to obtain quality images in all lanes of traffic;

• Can operate for at least six hours on battery.


• GPS / electronics fence: Will not allow operation outside of pre-designated areas;

• "Smart Checkpoint": Allows the system to advise only of vehicles that have outstanding violations, optimizing the effectiveness of the field officers;

• Automatic License Plate Reading;

• HotSwap: Changing batteries without shutting down the equipment;

• Allows use of portable display, showing the speed of the vehicles for educational operations.

Operation • Easy and fast, being able to be installed by an only technician. Data Sheet
ISO 9001

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