Fixed electronic traffic infraction monitoring system may use intrusive sensors installed in the pavement or non-intrusive Laser sensors and are mainly employed in places where there is a high accident rate such as areas of heavy traffic, declines, sharp curves and / or stretches with low quality pavement.

When a violation is detected, the system instantly captures a vehicle image, allowing the exact identification as to make, model, plate, location, date and time of the violation. The user may also generate a video clip providing further infraction verification.

The VSIS-RF types can be: Discreet, Discreet Mixed or Ostensive:

Discreet: Installed alongside or above the via to control speed;

Discreet Mixed: Installed alongside or above the roadway for speed enforcement and infractions such as red light running, stopping on the crosswalk, and Time of Day specific lanes, among others;

Ostensive: Installed in such a way as to be very visible from a great distance allowing vehicles time to reduce speed in high risk locations.

Non-Calibrated Enforcement

The fixed equipment can additionally monitor Non-Calibrated infractions not like:

• Red Light Running;

• Vehicles that stop on crosswalks;

• Traffic Regulated Lanes (HOV) or Special Use (Busses for example);

• Exclusive use lane;

• Road Space Rationing;

• U-Turn violation;

• Left or Right turn Violation;


• Violation registration made by high quality cameras specially designed for traffic operations, creating an undisputable record of the infraction;

• Low light/night operations performed with the use of anti-glare (Infra-red) Illuminators;

• Robust and durable; weather protection and ESD hardened;

• Complies with all INMETRO regulations, DMV and other transit agencies;

• Installs on Gantrys, Half Gantrys and roadside;

• Simultaneous, Multi-Lane Operation;

• Online operation via Processing Center;

• Easy integration with any traffic controller;

• Classification of vehicles using magnetic profile (Inductive Loop version);

• Data encryption guarantees security.


• Allows monitoring of plates front and rear vehicles simultaneously enabling monitoring trucks and bikes with the same system;

• Includes interfaces for integration with any system;

• Can be configured to generate a video recording of the violation;

• Enables the recognition of license plates of vehicles (OCR) while simultaneously recording the violation;

• Instant online registration allows license plate to be analyzed for outstanding offenses (theft, for example);

• Non-intrusive, Does not require road surface cutting/alteration; (Employs Laser Technology);

• Able to register the passage of all vehicles, allowing enforcement of irregularities.

Options • Front and rear vehicle capture, allowing registration of all types of vehicles (cars, trucks, busses, and motorcycles). Data Sheet
ISO 9001
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